Bella, the Mistress of War (Champion Concept)

Bella, the Mistress of War Role: Fighter Appearance: She has rugged iron armour, a helemet of steel and a golden spear. She has a long ponytail sticking out of her helemet and she is covered in blood. Passive (Bloodbath): Whenever Bella hits an enemy with one of her abilities that champion gains an effect called Bloodbath. Wherever that champion walks for 4 seconds it creates a path of blood. Bella gains +5% AD when standing in a Bloodbath affected area. If blood paths are on top of each other it stacks up the bonus AD. Q (Spear Strike): Bella takes a step forward, then slashes all enemies in a cone in front of her dealing damage. She repeats this one time again and then she steps forward and strikes all enemies in a line in front of her dealing damage. W (Warrior's Instinct): Bella gains a 30% chance to parry champions basic attacks for 3 seconds. If she succesfully parries a basic attack, then she jumps to the champion that attacked her, damaging the champion and slowing it by 10% for 3 seconds. E (Commanding Roar): Bella roars giving all nearby allied units +15% Attack Speed for 3 seconds and +30% Attack Speed for herself. Minions also gain +30% Movement Speed and +8% Max Health. R (Xilyn's Wrath): Bella charges forward for 5 seconds dealing damage to all enemies in her way. While charging she can control an aimed skillshot where she throws her spear, Xilyn, in a direction. This has very long range.
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