Riot lied to me took my cash and told me that its not fair to fix it.

So back in 2016 when Riot introduced hextech crafting to us i asked in support ticket if its posible to get a certain ward skin from 2015 in it i got simple replay "yes you can" So whenever i had some cash i could spend i bough riot lootboxes after 2 years i had almost every single ward skin i could get it became a hobby of mine to collect those tbh. But i still wannted this one i asked for 2 years ago. at the end of 2018 Riot rerelased BE shop again and i had A LOT of it to spend of mystery ward skins so my next hextech reeoll would have a biger chance of hiting my main price. I got a permament of a skin i allraedy had ... this mean i cant get anything more and Team ice 2015 skin still isnt on my account... I wrote to riot again asking what happend. TLDR: LMAO you wannted it that bad? We cant give it to you it would be unfair to others, we can give you 3 lootboxs tho... (proof in polish so use a translator or something) After new years eve i found Voyboy vid on youtube showing of his UNLOCKED ACCOUNT with every signle pice of contect unlocked so i wrote to them how is this fair to give streamers every single skin but i cant have one you lied to me about. "He is a streamer so its fair" Posting it here since i wannt ppl to know and reddit is removing my post dispite not violating any rules ... wonder why EDIT: added pic from 2 years ago of rioter telling me i can get the skin
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