Scared Of Consequences Please Don't Punish Me!

So I had a really bad time and things were said. Now I fear for the punishment that is incoming. Can you please not punnish me if you read this. This wasn't the first time this week. Multiple times it actually happened. However this one escalated the most. Now if you can just look the other way just once I would appreciate it. If not, I will then turn my back on you. Only for a little while though. Please have mercy upon me. Now now, I know what you all are thinking. Its Justice! Face it like a true man. Knock Knock Justice is here! Punishment Time! If you don't like the time then don't do the crime. But, but, I'm innocent I tell you. I was just retaliating out of self defense. Please, can anyone put a good word for me or else I am a gonner. I can already see myself in despair, the feeling that will run down my spine. The buttocks that are red from the whipping from the belt. They are serious. Sorry mother, sorry father. I won't fight my baby brother ever again. I was about to give his nose back for real. Please have mercy upon me.
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