After 3 years of playing League I will finally admit it

I just can't play this game anymore. I just feel that i'm getting worse as more I play it. I just can't get better or make those sick flashy plays that often people do. I'm not saying that i'm compeletely bad, and that I feed but I get to these stages in a game where I will be 3-5 levels below everyone no matter who I play in what role. I know that you need to farm a lot but it's hard to farm when every single ally just steals it no matter where you go, and then pings me when I don't engage a level 17 Kog'Maw while I'm just level 12. Sure I could use excuses that I encounter trolls and feeders but I also admit that I'm not good at League anymore. I think it's probably for the best if I just left for the sake of someone not being matched with me. I will remember the funny moments of playing league when I was new. I just feel sad because I see and notice that I'm not on track to improvement no matter how many guides I would watch.
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