The problem with smurfing

So this problem bothered me for a long time now. But now i am just done with it, i lost a game in ranked to a player called "Rengar Kingdom" on EUW (There also was another smurf playing Teemo but he wasnt absolutely destroying us, but also he has a 96% Winrate). This player was obviously smurfing. He was ranked in Silver 2 with a winrate around 87% in a game around Gold 1 / Plat 4. As i was expecting he completly destroyed me and my team bcs he was a way better player than all of us. So the reason why i write this thread is: I want Riot to really do something about this. Smurfing has been a problem for a long time now but i feel like it has never been this bad as it is right now (atleast for me). There is really a need for a system that blocks these players from destroying the games fun in lower ranks or in any rank at all. My suggestion would be a system like it has been used in clash: Connect your Account to a valid mobile phone number. Then and ONLY then, you are allowed to play ranked on that account. Ofcourse people can still smurf with multiple numbers but there should be an option on the report menu where u can report someone for smurfing so these can be banned when they use multiple phone numbers/ accounts. I hate to say it but smurfing is one of the things that really makes me consider stopping to play league. It's just the worst feeling ever to sit in a game, that you know you cant win after the first 5 minutes have past. You know you are just wasting time and could do something better. You know you absolutely CAN NOT leave because instead of the smurf, then you are the one getting banned for leaving a ranked. It is just absolutely devastating and kills all the fun the game provides at the moment.

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