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Hey! First of all, it's not a topic for cry, sh.t talking, or anything like this, I just try to give Riot Games a proper feedback about the game, players, community with a honest, and respectful way. Also, please don't judge me about my English, it's not my native language. Thank! So, I'm a software engineer from Hungary, also a long time Leauge of Legends player. I started this game back in season 3 (at the end of it), with my friend, and I liked it, and I like it now too. As a software engineer, I know, how hard is to make a game, and as a player, I "know" what's wrong with it. To be honest with you guys, I'm an average player. I can make it to Gold in every season in like a week, and that's enough for me, since I play it for fun. My peek was like plat 3ish at season 5. So, let's be realistic. A game - ANY game - can not be perfect, since the wide variety of the players who play with it. With that said, I still think Leauge is falling by patch to patch. But! Let's see the good things first! Riot always try to give us new, interesting ways to play a champion, - or a new champion - which makes the game more and more every patch. We also getting FREE things, with the Hextech system! (I know, a lot of people complain about it, but it's a good system in my opinion.) We also getting new skins, which makes our favourite champions a new, cool looking. New game modes, so we can chill in the game between two hard ranked games, and we can have fun with our friends. Riot Games is not making a terrible job, like some of you thinks, but they are not making a good either! So, Riot Games, from now on, I'll try to give you some advice, some feedback about your game, to make it - again - a place, where we can have fun. 1) First of all, - and I know, this is not your territory, since anyone can play the game - but the community is one of the worst community in the gaming history. In most of the time, there are people, who can't handle losing or - yeah, that's a thing too - winning. League is that kind of a game, when you win, it's a super good feeling, and when you lose, it's just terrible. Like most of the competetive games out there. And that's good! I love to win and hate to lose just like anyone else. That's the feeling why we play the ranked games, so we can tell our friends, that "I got diamond 5 in SoloQ!" or platinum or whatever is your goal. But, when a player is so cocky, or angry about someone, to tell him "Go ***yourself!" or "I'll *** your family!" that's not okay. And - since all of us got those type of players day by day - Riot Games, you need to do a better job punishing that kind of behavior. I know there is a mute button, and that's fine too, but it's just covering the problem not dealing with it. The same goes on inters, trolls and so on. That's really not good for the game - and the main reason for me to only play it 1 or 2 times in weeks -. I know, you need a LOT of resource to deal with it, but I also know that you HAVE that resource. After all, Riot Games is just growing and growing. 2) After that, there is another problem. It's called the balance. I know, I know... it's hard to balance a game, and it's even harder when you have 140+ champions with 40+ items, and turrets and Nashor and masterys(runes, I keep calling them mastery) so on... BUT! As i said, you have a lot of resource. And most of the time, it's not even hard to detect the problem. When a champion is so painfully broken, - like the new Akali, or the new Irelia, or the new Aatrox, the top lane viktor, and so on. - you HAVE TO make your move almost instantly. Since you have a PTR server, when you can test a new champion, you cannot release it like a must pick or must ban champion. It's not good for the game. If we ban it, than that champion is "not even reworked" since nobody can play it. If we not, than most of the time, it's pretty frustrating to play against her/him. Give the PTR one or two more weeks to find out, what's good and what's bad in his stats kit, and after you can make him a cool, interesting champion, release it on live. Like all other company do it with all of their project. (not just games, anything.) Like you learned it in the university. The same goes for items. 3) As I mentioned earlyer, I'm not a high elo player, I won't be able to tell you how to deal with the Bounty "problem" or anything like this. But! There are people who has way more experience in this game than me! So the last segment of my topic will be your communication. As you already know, League players are often angry to Riot Games after a questionable change, a new OP OP champion, or anything that not instantly a "good-for-everyone" change in the game. My suggestion is pretty simple, yet it can solve a lot of problems for you guys. After every patch came out, pick a game director, and the community manager, and make a Q&A stream for like an hour or two. Blizzard makes this move after every major patch, it's cheep since you only need 2 people, and a little bit of time, and the players will know, you want to see them happy. After you tell us, why you make this or that change in the game most of us will understand it, and if we understand it, we will accept it sooner. I'm a World of Warcraft player since ages, and there was a LOT of changes, when I read them in the patch note, I was like "Wait, what?" then I waited until the Q&A, asked them about it, and Ion Hazzikostas always got a GOOD answer to why they did it. But, since we players have no real data about LoL, it should not be about " Why did you nerf Irelia only 5 movement speed?" - what is an interesting question... but It's not the topic where we should disscuse it- but about "Why are you made the turret plating, what is your plan with the bountys or anything like this. If any of the Riot employees read this, I'm already happy, because I might be able to help to develop the game. (PS.: Also, try to make a champions kit to be interesting and unique rather than "deal tons of dmg". We want more Lee Sin, Lantern Man and less Rengar and Zed - but I'm in love with assassins tho...) Also, You, who's in the responding section of this topic, be polite with those, who also read this With the best wishes: Ariin{{champion:107}}
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