calling riot out on snowdown bundle prices

at first i didnt want to make this because i already know what the replies are gonne be so let's get this out of the way -yes i know i dont have to buy it and it's **just** cosmetics -yes i know it's riots game and they can price things however they damn well please okay so let's first look back at odyssey. when the odyssey skins were released they also had bundles that gave you the skin, all chromas, a border and an icon. can't remember if you got a ward skin or no. i bought the odyssey sona bundle for 3250rp, same price as for an ultimate skin and i got the sona skin, 6 chromas and all the other jazz. sure while 3250rp is a lot, you still only need to pay 20 eur for it. 20 eur = 3250 rp, at least with the most popular payment options. this was good because one rp purchase was enough to buy the bundle and i kinda think that was riots plan. this year, however, with the snowdown bundles, they cost 3290. it's basically the same, you get the skin, the champion, the border, icon, all chromas available and ward skin. you get one less chroma than odyssey though. so, paying for the 20 eur wont be enough unless you already at least 40 rp. if you have less than 40 rp you either gotta buy the 35 eur rp pack or 20 + 5 eur rp pack. considering the bundles are basically on the same quality level except even with 1 less chroma, i think this is a scum move by riot just to pump more money. you're becoming more and more greedy with every single event. really not funny anymore, guys. april 1st is over ...but am i gonna stop feeding them money? no.

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