Promos lost, here's how the games went Why I lost? Jax game jungle was incompetent dogshit, missed every %%%%ing smite, kaisa stealed drake with her W, shaco again stealed with smite, master had smite up both times. Ashe didnt care about the game. Yasuo game I said in champ select we are gonna lose the game because zed is gonna int and he wont know what to do, which was right, he inted his ass off, master yi {{item:3047}} , irelia {{item:3047}} , and he builds {{item:3814}} , I tell him to build armor penetration {{item:3036}} , he keeps responding " yasuo virgin talks " yOu aRe StUck BEcAuSe u aRe NoT GoOd eNoUgH iF yOu wErE GoOd yOu wOuLd CaRrY nyAAaAA
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