A random memory

I was looking at my shiny Border and League Tier as a wild memory came up to my mind. It was early spring, I was yet naive and full of newbiness. And it was greatest moment in my league life, GOLD PROMOS. after a lot of trying i was there, standing to face my destiny, to become gold or to stay silver for the rest of my days. 2/2 in promos, the situation is hopeless as i go for my third game, and i thought things couldnt get any worse But then someone took my main role while another Subhuman spamed "AHAHA im troll ill make you lose" as he instalocked nami with smite and revive. I accept my fate and pick {{champion:62}} . It's now or never, gold or silver, skin or nothing. i go mid. at minute 3 my lane opponent is 3/0/0 Im 0/0/0 with more cs, bot lane is even and so it top lane, if i'll manage to beat their jungler and mid in 2v1 i have a chance to win, and suddenly i realize something, my lane opponent used her ignite to kill that "trolljerk", this is my chance to take the advantage over the lane. *adapt to all situations* I go in, level 4, insane W juke, Double Q single E and the enemy dies with ignite after he flashes away. *Every mistake is a lesson* I get ganked and I die, things arent going well *I got this.* I go back and do a double kill, I can feel Wukongs spirit. and i shout to my brother in the next room "Wuju make me some coffee?" It's happening, im carring them and im winning. Troll just leaves the game after going 0/12/1 *My place is at the top* and Tripple kill, we get mid lane after i 1v3ed their team. Im shouting, im shining, soon my border will shine as well. They respawn we fight them 1 by 1 and we kill them, shortly taking nexus and im gold *My journey's only beginning.* *Dum tsss I've been promoted to gold in Ahris Omen division* Looking back to that time brings old spirit and memories back :> Was bored so thought i;d share since it's early morning anyway.
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