The last time I played this game was 5 months ago, but that was just a whim, I really stopped playing in September. Nothing good comes from short term pleasure, nothing worth while. Quit, start a productive hobby, take back control of your life, hit the gym. Do anything else but this game is a void of your time and money. You don't get this time back, and the memories you have I can guarantee aren't great. Out of all the games why do you play LoL? Its toxic, the gameplay is horrible as it causes reliance on other people to have enjoyment, this only brews stress and anxiety. I understand some people won't stop playing video games, but if you have to waste your time somehow, at least do it in a way where you can look back and say you had fun 80% of the time, not 20% like it is with this type of game. Take back control, don't feed your time to the void, it isn't forgiving. If you were going to die in a months time, would you still play League? Or would you finally get the courage to chase your dreams when you still can. Because you never known when death will come from around the corner.
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