An Idea to make honors more important

Honours are just for show but I have an idea that could make them a lot more important here it is : 1- Friends can't honour each other (so they don't abuse what I'm about to say) 2- Only one type of honours, no friendly or teamwork or helpful, just one type "Honourable player" 3- Whenever you are about to get banned for something, the system takes away from your honours instead (if you have enough ) so lets say you go afk, and you have about 100 honours, you don't get banned but instead you lose these honours, or you lost your shit in promo when your teammate went afk and went apeshit on all other members and about to get banned for flaming, instead (if you have enough) you lose about 200 honours This can't be abused, the only people that could collect enough to prevent themselves from getting banned are good people and are people who were positive for a hundred or so games and it just prevents them from getting banned if they had one bad game in a bad day, also this will make people act more positively in order to get honoured, some one who is a regular flamer CAN'T use this at all, because he can't even get 200 honours in his entire life time also you can make it so even if what someone did doesn't usually get them banned like flaming just a bit not much they still lose some honours
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