Banninh system

So as we all know Yasuo is the most banned champ in league.. but why us Yasuo mains have to suffer?? everytime I wanna play rank and hover Yasuo top my team ban him and say stuff like this "cancer yasuo mains %%%" I think the most toxic players are the ones that hate yasuo not yasuo mains, you never really see a true yasuo main with more than 300k mastery flaming and calling his team mates cancer and stuff.. especially higher elos.. I have been a yasuo main since his release and I'm diamond since Season 5 and each time my team bans him I die a little I think the Banning system should not let you ban a champ that someone of your team is hovering.. so that we can get rid of this toxic behavior tell me your thoughts and btw this is my winrate with Yasuo 2.20:1 KDA 6.6 / 5.6 / 5.7 57% 102 Played
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