My last wishes for league of legends community.

The lives this game has ruined. The good people this game has made bad. Are numerous. Things like this shouldn't exist. It corrupts, brings the worst out of people, making them forever soiled. There is no recovery from this corruption. It seeps in to your very soul never leaving it. If you read this you are already beyond hope, as am I. if I could make a one wish, one wish from a genie that would change the world as I see fit. I would wish this community and all members belonging to it, me included, would have never been touched by this game. That way this race of ours might had a chance for brighter tomorrow. A chance that is now forever ruined. So much good. So much talent. All gone for good. We are a tumor in the internet. A souless mass. We live only for selfish gain and hurting others. And being hurt by others. In a reality that does not even exist. That should never have been created. And for that, those that had their hand on doing this. Are forever damned.
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