Are You a Clutch or Calculated Player

So, me and my friend just had a long talk about our individual play styles and ways of thinking in game. We came to the conclusion that i am a Clutch player, he is Calculated. He thinks through every opportunity (nearly) and waits for the perfect opportunity to go in, however, if when he goes in he something happens that disrupts this, such as a gank, he doesn't know what to do and usually dies, he is also bad at executing his moves. I think very little in terms of planning comparatively, and most of my plans are instinctive, such as TP ganks or 1v1 duels that i know i can win but i am left on 1 hp, i come out in close situations, when I am needed the most to make a play, i can, however, this instinctiveness about my play means I am not as calculated, I lack in actual long term decision making, going for the moment and then the game (but not always highlight reel plays). The way I described it, Renekton{{champion:58}} and Nasus{{champion:75}} , if you have read the lore, before they were ascended, Nasus was a military commander, one of the greatest minds of the time, but incredibly physically weak. Renekton, his Brother, was the greatest warrior, but needed leading, instinctive in nature. (read the lore or go watch Necrit's video on it, it's great) i was wondering, what do you think you are, instinctive, calculated, or the perfect hybrid of both
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