Wanna be a Red panda's BFF? Check this out!

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/f0/4b/39/f04b39654c0767ca0c3c9a76095a3d80.jpg ^this is me, I am a red Panda _Hiiii ~_ So this is a jokingly kinda serious post, you see I am indeed in search of a new online BFF, but doubt I will find this person on boards, but who knows right? So what's the deal with me? - I am super lazy, sometimes to the extreme - I am a variety gamer that's good at nothing, but loves playing most games - I am very high maintenance, if you have another BFF I will know and I will feel betrayed q.q - I am very much extremely shy and will need you to take contact with me most of the time - I can start to sing at the weirdest of times - I make random statements that had nothing to do with what I was talking about in the first place Interests? - Gaming - Reading - Music - Food - Food - Food - Red Pandas That's... pretty much it What do I expect from you? Not much, just be able to cope with this odd being that is me and join me on my variety gaming thing SO! FIRST OF ALL! - Please do not just add me on league I have anough strange people I have no clue who is on my friendslist - Please do not comment weird stuff except to "apply for the job" - You will have to be approved by wolfie. He is very big and very scary. ~~Really a cuddly fluffy being but he's putting on his scary face~~ So just comment who you are and how you are and why you'd fit for my new BFF THIS MIGHT BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE OF BEING BEST FRIENDS WITH A RED PANDA GUYS!
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