Funny thing about NA

if u'r one of those EU players that just hate the fact that riot keeps favoring the server NA, giving them free starter packs, releasing big features into League first on NA, like the upcoming hextech system. What you have to think about is despite all the care that server is getting. Generally speaking they are a server of bad players. Compared to EU WEST, Korea... etc servers like that with pro competition. If u were to compare an EU west gold player to a NA Gold player, The NA gold player would have the skill level and knowledge of a silver 4-5 player in EU WEST. EU NE is also like NA, quite weak, I guess americans aren't good as talented when it comes to video games as are other ethnics. Despite them having all the fancy stuff and the money for all skins. So if u'r an EU WEST player then relax, at least u'l have a chance in the pro LCS vs koreans
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