Share everything about your LoL-self

Ok first of all I'm HelioVANCE , I'm level 30 , Silver V in EUNE and I main Jungle. My favourite champion is Lee Sin and you can say I'm kinda good with him . Im level 5 with him with only one of his skins , Traditional Lee Sin . I'm not a person with unlimited money to buy skins so I only have : Unchained Alistar Riot Girl Tristana Dreadknight Garen Sanguine Garen (Mystery Gift from Riot) Gothic Orianna (Bought when she was on sale but didn't spend a penny) Tradtional Lee Sin (Same with Ori skin) And the worst skin .. Assasin Master Yi which we all bought with 390 RP ..... Im also Level 5 with Thresh... I like going DuoQ with my partner 'HeusaffRogen' who mains ADC Jinx and I as his support. I go all in even if I die just to get a kill cuz thats the only thing I want. I like making jokes in boards and in-game. And I also dream for free RP ;D
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