@ Riot See the Same champs every game in every mode, why?

Is it possible with tournaments, streaming sites and constant loops of nerf's and buffs hitting the champion pool, I think this makes the pool more intangible to people seeing pro's playing what they play and wanting to play like them, it's good everyone wants to be the hero, but it get's a bit repetitive and boring seeing the same moves, the same playstyle's, the same champions... But I think if you just make a load of random made champions possibly the pro's won't have a clue what to do therefore neither do these wannabe's if you just go all out, forget balancing just kill the repetitiveness, it is impossible to balance a game like this anyway, having a 1 shot assassin role kind of justifies that, plus half a dozen items are also broken {{item:3153}} Is what's making this ADC {{champion:67}} shine with her kit even though all she has to do is press R, maybe do a few auto's get a Q in there, an E and jobs a good one! Please give {{champion:17}} A backwards tumble, he is by far your best champion ever made turn his w into an invisible + backwards role and he will be. HAHAHAHA {{champion:67}} Is an ugly L**S*I*N
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