FIRST PENTA XDDD (pics to prove)

After almsot 2 years of playing, and having countless quadras and some douche stealing my penta on purpose, ive finally got one on my smurf as Lucian Proof: now how does it feel to get a penta you may ask? well thats start of how it feels when you get one stolen right off your finger tips (literally) You feel dissapointed and enraged espicially if the player on your team did the dmg for no reason when it was clear that you coould of gotten it with no assistance.. You feel like crap and feel hatred towards that player for the rest of the game. You have adrenaline pumping thinking in your mind "so close yet so far" "if only I did this instead of that", sometimes you think of scenrios of activating this ability instead of that, which would lead to a lower CD for the final blow xD etc etc... Now what it feels like getting one: You feel amazing as if you lost your virginity xD You want to thank everyone that participated in it, (in my case it was a 2v5 and i wasnt even that fed which made it that more amazing) your heart beats kinda faster, your hands gets a bit shaky, last like 5 minutes, makes your day happier espicially if it was your first after a long time.. got second penta in a week,this time feat sivir, i feel blessed, proof:
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