Update: Finally out of Bronze V

Plenty of people get promoted, and plenty of Rioters get promoted, so why start a thread this time? Well, some of you may remember [this thread](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/fNWULwzt-highest-ranked-rioter) where I volunteered the information that I might be the lowest ranked Rioter since, at the time, I was Bronze V 0LP. The discussion in the thread was pretty nice actually and I had a lot of people volunteer to help me with the grind. However, it also got me featured in this [Youtube Video](https://youtu.be/zhvDsaSAGNc?t=83) at the end of last year. Plenty of people saw it (800k+ views at the time of writing this post) and sent it on to me. It was all good-natured ribbing, and I had gone and posted it on boards after all, so completely on me, but it still stung a little. Therefore, this season I was determined to get out of the basement. Being a support main meant this was going to be tough, but I figured there are plenty of players out there in the same position and it would be good to see just how tough it is. It took me a little over 60 ranked games to make it out (and with my schedule that's a lot of games), it was pretty frustrating at times, but I [got there in the end](https://twitter.com/comerford/status/1023928029050019846). For the record, some other Rioters offered to duo with me to make it a little easier, and I played a handful of games that way, but for the most part it was a solo grind, with Taric - not exactly the easiest champ to carry with. So, for anyone that's stuck in a division, lost promos a few times or just feels like the role they are playing makes it too hard to climb, hopefully this gives you a small bit of hope to continue. I am likely still #Bronze4Life, but I will be trying to keep it going, maybe one day I will post about making it to Silver or higher :) {{champion:44}}
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