Prestige K/DA Akali

Morning Riot, Just wanted to let you know that adding another Tokens Pass to the game that requires a lot of grind at this time of the year (December Rota at work for literally every job ever, Xmax and New Year's AND spending time with family) is a mistake. Those of us with full time jobs and families won't have time for another month-long marathon of "spam as many games as possible". In my case, it really doesn't matter how much I want the skin, I simply won't have time for so much grind. I've already used most of my free time and the last of my holidays from work during Worlds and the Kaisa Prestige event grinding for tokens. In fact, I played so much that as soon as the event was over and I unlocked the Prestige skin, I was bored of the game, tired of playing it, was tired of grinding tokens and simply stopped playing altogether. It was simply too much grind. Last but not least, even though I am collecting skins and can splash out now and then, there is zero chance of going the other route and outright buying the skin with money. Spending 250-300 British Pounds for one skin (be it rare or not) in December is not an option. Waifu needs to be kept happy. Kids need presents. And the rest of the family needs attention as well. Please consider moving this Prestige event in the first quarter of next year, or lowering the grind requirements. Or at the very least, make the Tokens themselves purchasable in the store. Without any other bundle pair-ups with chests or orbs.
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