Anxiety only when LOLing, breath control issues when ingame. Advices?

I'm 28 years old and i was playing this game for 5 years now. The problem is that i have an anxiety disorder, i took pills for 3 years and last year i stopped taking them. The problem is that it seems this is too stressful for me and began to affect my real life too. In other words, when i play this, i am too concentrated and because of this, very stressed my breath rhytm begins to be disorganized. Plus of that after 3 games i begin to feel a little bit dizzy. When i was on anxiety pills, i could've stay 12 hours to play it without any problems, but because i'm not taking pills anymore, i don't know what to do to play this game as normal as others. I begin to feel stressful even on ARAM or any other game mode. I am not playing ranked anymore for a long time now. Can you guys give me some tips? Thanks a lot! LE: iI got a new shift at work which is kind of like 11h/day staying in a front of a computer. It's the second night, I haven't played LOL for 2 days and I gave the same breathing control problem. This long shift at work seems to be too much for me and because of the stress, at night I have a very slow breathing rhythm.
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