Smurf, and lowlvl environment

Ok, so right now Im lvling a smurf, (the 3rd one...this acc is my second smurf that I made at season 2 :D) Just noticing how ridiculus the low level environment is. 3 smurfs in one team atleast, and 2 guys who recently downloaded lol and want to try it. They are getting flamed over every single mistake...hell they get even flamed for the mistakes of others. They get even flamed when they are 4/0 but refuse to get baited into a bad situation XD But this is not the worst part. Those smurfs (mostly around silver but there are like 1 out of 3 games a Diamond or Plat) they are tryharding sooooooooooooo much, it completely ruins the fun for the team with more new players...this leads me to the question, how is lol still able to get new consistent players? If I would start out and see such a toxic game...I would delete lol after the second game XD
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