**Hello everyone reading this! First of all tnx for taking your time to read this and let's start!** I have a couple of suggestions for _Riot Games_ so I hope your reading this! (thank's if you are) Let's {{summoner:4}} right into the first one. **1.**_Before people are permanatly banned they should be given a 1/2/3 year ban as a last chance so they have time to think what they have done, a lot of time so they can't say : "I didn't have enough time to think about it!" ._ **2.**_Intruduse "Riot-Points gift cards to many diffrent countrys"_ **3.**_Intruduse **"Skin Traiding"** so people can trade theyr skins with friend and maybe even lend them for a game or too!_(This will intruduse and bring a lot of scammers so I don't think they will be coming into the game any time soon.) > **_Thanks for reading this! This is Vojdan and I'll see you on the fields as soon as I can! {{summoner:12}} OUT!_**
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