Pantheon has been deleted...

I have mained Pantheon for a really long time now. Ever since I heard Pantheon might be reworked, I have been so afriad. I hoped that Riot would cancel this rework. Sadly yesterday when I opened the client I saw that the rework has made it through and has been finalized. I guess that some players whom didn't really play Pantheon a lot like this rework and might play him now. But as somebody who loved Pantheon a lot, I really hate this rework. I don't care how simular people think this rework is to the old Pantheon, his kit has completely changed. Of course I gave him a try. His W is still kind of the same, but aside from that, his kit is soooo different. The worst part about it imo is how his Q is now a skillshot, making him more skill-based than before with his point-click spear, and his passive is totally different. They did this before with Mordekaiser and Akali and other champions as well. My question is: Why would you do this? Why delete characters and then act as if they have been 'upgraded'? They could have just added a new character, but they chose to delete my main. I don't get it? LOL is struggling with losing their playerbase, so they decide to delete characters that some people love so much? I don't see how this is going to get more people to play this. Instead, you lose some Pantheon mains, because I am fairly sure that I am not the only one here. There's other games out there that are much like LOL, such as Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It's a fun game and they don't delete characters that you love from the game! I was upset when they changed some of the other champions, but now that they have changed my main character that I have played for so many games, I'm going to quit League of Legends until they undo this stupid rework. This may sound outrageous, but imagine Riot completely deleting your main character from the game. -I hope you undo this rework soon, until then, you lost me as a fan of the game. From Nowi.
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