Why I think old players are quitting this game

Before reading this mind that my english is total ass. Also feel free to disagree with anything I say but please take your time to explain why. I will be talking about my experience and also why I think older players are quitting league. Quick background on my history with this game, I was playing this game since season 3 but I was playing casually till season 5. Then I started playing ranked games more seriously and managed to get up to plat 1 with diamond 4 mmr with more than 1000 games (That's ass I know :D I learn slow). Which means that I won't be talking about champion balancing since I think everything to diamond 3 is low elo. For me the game started going downhill after they started making the **champion reworks** (both small and big). Some of them were a success on champions that definitely needed it (Heimerdinger,Taric,Sion,Shen etc.) BUT there were champions that didn't need that rework (Irelia,Malzahar,Galio etc.) Ryze needed the rework but they %%%%ed it up (several times). When they rework a champion they SHOULD NOT change its playstyle. One of them being Irelia(Talking about her since I played her many many times for about a year and a half) She used to be really dominant in laning phase, and she wasn't a champion that would be a beast in late game . The current Irelia is broken only because her kit has way too much in it. After they made the small nerf few patches ago I was questioning why they were nerfing the E stun ratio... . That made no sense to me to be honest. Her E is pretty much the only skillshot and they decided to nerf that. Another big thing that I really miss about old days is that **you had the CHOICE of what to build** and that if you played correctly you could've made it work. Now you don't have that choice (unless you are playing against low elo). Also this problem started after the reworks. I used to play AP Shaco, AP Tristana (rarely), AD Thresh, AP Varus , AD Nidalee, AP warwick, AP GP I even made AP Lee sin work somehow. They were even talking about how this is UNHEALTHY experience for the community. You can read the article here https://askghostcrawler.tumblr.com/ By GhostCrawler **(This guy is a joke)**. **Season 8 Runes** - They were supposed to give the player more options and more ways of playing a champion but thats not the case. They did the opposite of what they were supposed to do. You don't have that choice at all ..... **New Client** (Personal opinion) - Several people (including me) don't like this client, I don't like the way it looks. I don't like seeing my friend list 24/7. I don't like how empty it feels all the time. This shit looks like %%%%ing Facebook when you pay closer attention to it. For me the previous client was the best. Shit wasn't over complicated and felt much better. Now I want to talk about the BIGGER issues. **Toxicity** - Probably the worst community ever. You do 1 mistake and these guys will make sure to mock you till the end of the game. Spamming question mark pings or leaving you die or not listening to your calls . But at least you have the solution of muting them. Some people will even run it down mid because they are either stupid and don't want the game to go their way (talking about pushing his lane after you successfully killed his enemy laner) or you %%%%ed up once. Or even earlier in champion select. When he gets auto filled and doesn't get his main role. (I had so many people doing this but still no report feedbacks). People are the biggest crybabies when it comes to league. But sadly Riot are doing NOTHING about it. (Or the things they do don't work) **Punishment system**- Riot have THE WORST punishment system. Their system is basically ''you say one of our blacklisted words and you are banned''. Inting is punished after someone fed his ass off with 6 mobis for the past 20+ games in a row... . There was a guy that was streaming how he was testing how many games will it take for him to get banned only by picking Rammus with 6x mobis and run it down without saying a single word. I watched the whole stream and it took him between 30-40 games to finally get banned. BUT If you say to this inter that he is ''%%%%%%ed,%%% etc'' You will INSTANTLY GET A 14 DAY BAN. I think that saying stuff like this should be punished BUT 14 day to PERMA ban is total bullshit if you ask me. There are way better solutions than this. Season mute, no rewards, giving him less BE, Not being able to play with his friends (think about it) and so on. BUT perma banning someone because he said that is beyond stupid. You can mute someone that he is flaming you but YOU CAN'T AVOID someone that is Inting or trolling in your game. You are forced to stay with him till the end which is usually 20 min or MORE. Riot over complicating everything - Back in days when they released a champion he had two sentences to describe his abilies. Now you have champions like KLED and you need like 30 min just to read his abilities. Not to mention that we have 141 champions and its so hard to memorize every detail their abilities has. Apart from that their patch notes are getting longer and longer each time. This game used to be ''Easy to learn but hard to master'' now its pretty much ''Hard to learn and Harder to master''. Items are the same way **Game getting more and more team based** Its obvious even to a blind and deaf person that Riot are balancing the game from the professional scene. Idk why ... Maybe Its easier for them BUT you can't compare these two. THEY ARE NOT ALIKE . SoloQ is NOTHING like LCS and will never be. SoloQ players have no way of communicating with their teammates apart from chat and pings but you can't work together in teamfights or to make quick decisions. If they want to make that game like that why don't they just implement voice chat... .Voice chat has mixed feelings , It will be useful for Plat+ tbh but bellow that it will be useless. Its ridiculous how hard it is for 1 player to carry a game. If that guy makes even 1 mistake and dies he will start struggling. It's so bad how 1 player can LOOSE the game but 1 player has to try so %%%%ing hard to carry the game. **Autofill** - This is a bigger issues for the higher elo players. Talking about D2+ elo. Its pretty much a cointflip for who gets more autofilled players. Everybody is complaining about this. Its not such a problem for the ranks bellow Diamond since they are handicapped no matter what. **FORCING THE META ON US**- With all the small changes from season 4+ till now, even items (changing,adding or removing them). With how the champions work and how team based the game is we are forced to be a meta slave just to have bigger chance of winning the game. Its even worse because you have to BUILD the champions exact the same way every time. This is not fun . Nobody enjoys playing the same champion even building the same way every single game (except for the people that main that champion). Also Ghostcrawler should be fired. This guy is a JOKE. He has no idea how this game works and what players enjoy. **Feel free to say what you think**

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