Alternative Solutions to Dynamic Q and indiviual achievements

After seeing this: I thought hey as a community we might try to help riot fix these dynamic q issues and that indiviual thingy since they really care about our opinions. Here are my alternative solutions: -Extremely rare solo q annie skin: A rare gem would appear from the hextech box you get after winning a game by playing "solo". Collect 10 gems to get this skin! Oh btw a rare gems will be seperately sold on the market for a limited time 50% off. - Boosted Animal Udyr Skin: Again a very rare and awesome skin for solo q players. A rare boosted animal gem will drop "randomly" from games that you win by playing solo. Just combine 10 gems, 1200 orange essence, 2 azir pentas in first 20 mins and a baron steal with soraka to get this extremely rare awesome skin. Oh and of course this skin will be available on the market for a limited time just for 999 RP! - Def. Not Solo Q rotating game mode: A great game mode where you get to join only by with your friends! In this game mode all animals and monsters will be boosted as well as minions and they'll attack anyone in sight! And only for 95 rp you can join this mode by solo with a skin boost and all too.

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