Riot should make permabanned accounts get their skins back on new accounts.

Personally I think if Riot already got payed for the skin they shouldn't ask you to pay for it twice since the costs of making it have already been covered by you buying it once. People shouldn't get taken away stuff they payed for just because of negative behaviour. Because being permabanned comes usually after you called somebody names or more toxic things, which is common in most PvP multiplayer games. It's kind of like buying a dress in a shop you can be banned from the shop(usually for a lot worse things tho like stealing) but you will keep the clothes you bought previously. Riot specifically made the rule that you can't get your skins back even on different account because all those hardcore players would no longer pay twice or more for same skin they like. It's okay to punish somebody by taking away their progress rank etc for being toxic, but it's not fine when they literally take your money that you spent when you can no longer use the things that you payed for. Imagine if PS4 company banned you came to your house and took the console away from you or made you unable to even play on it because of... being angry and rude... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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