Problems with League compared to 5 years agp

Comparing league to how it was 5 years ago: Firstly, the biggest problem is the scripting, in about 50% of my games i was seeing 2-3 people scripting, either on my own team or the opponent, this was at the start of the season when i quit and no doubt since then it's got worse. This is probably because of how easy accessible scripts are now, most of them are free and also undetectable being that they're 3rd party software that only reads from the game meaning the user can't be banned. I can accept that this is something riot are powerless to change, but it is the biggest factor to why i quit over about a month after last season began Secondly theres the mastery/rune changes. I don't actually mind them that much for the most part, but things like stopwatch and free boots with a rune as i see it is handing people things for free. It was what killed a large portion of the wow player base when everything was dumbed down, made easier and people started getting spoon fed and i feel this is the same with league. Anyone who is a solo queue player will find it harder to win lane and get ahead because of stopwatch preventing a kill and because bad players arn't as punished by losing lane as they were previously, now they don't have to pay for boots Thirdly, theres the fact that the game is a lot more about teamwork now with all the patch changes and new rune system. It is a lot harder now to solo queue and win your lane hard enough to carry the game. This is why a lot of streamers quit league, solo queue has been punished hard No matter what way you look at it, the player base is getting smaller, scripting is becoming more popular and out of control and the dev's are making unpopular changes, sure some people like them, but more people don't than those that do, evidently by the numbers of people who have quit. This game is dying

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