Some days ago i logged into my account and found out that i was perma-banned for negative behaviour after 3 warnings to stop toxicity including chat restrictions and a 2 week account suspension.I wrote a letter to Riot support to ask my account back promising that i would reform and stay like that.What i got in response was of course that there was no way i would get my account suspension lifted and that happens very rarely to some players whose accounts were compromised. I understood all the above and wanted to start a discussion about the fact that banning system is ineffective and even unfair. A Riot support specialist almost immediately introduced me to the boards so i could discuss this thing and promote my suggestions about changing the banning system to a more mild and friendly way of treating negative players like me.Now to be more analytic, what i want to say is that the way you guys take actions considering a perma-ban is way too strict. In other words,when you put some chat restrictions or week suspensions to a player's account,he doesn't really understand the seriousness of the situation and isn't really afraid of losing his account forever.Only when the perma-ban comes in does anyone realise what has happened and that he must have stopped all the negativity and toxicity.So to sum up, I feel there should definitely be one more chance for all the players to have access to their beloved account after they got a perma-ban and asked for it to be lifted promising that they would reform of course...That's it from me for now. I am looking forward to hearing from you Riot and i hope that my serious suggestion is taken into consideration.
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