Can we get HARVESTEROFSOULS to see this. (please it's my birthday tomorrow)

Hi guys! I have a favor i'd like to request. Before i say what that is i'd like you to hear me out for a couple o' sentences. So some backstory: To describe myself i see myself as an extremely dumb person who knows nothing and can't do S%£#. (please don't look at my name, im a trash zed and i made this account when i was a brat. I legit don't play zed cause im afraid people will think im good so for example when i play draft and im playing mid and Zed's available i avoid him cause im too much of an coward cause im afraid ill play bad... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} ) I know this might seem a little too much to ask for but can you guys please upvote this cause i'd like to thank someone from riot alot. As you've probably guessed by now it's HARVESTEROFSOULS from EUW riot support. Im too dumb to understand how to reply to what he replied (if you even can reply to an answer from someone at riot support) So ill just write it here in hope that HARVESTEROFSOULS will see this. And thats why i want you guys to upvote this. Please guys for once i beg with all i have. I just really want to thank this dude and this is the only way i know how to. Pleaaaaase guys, im begging :'((( {{sticker:sg-soraka}} Recently i got chat restricted, won't say why and how, but to put it in one sentence me and two other summoners had a very heated debate about our gameplay which heated led to all three of us going ape#@$t chatting with no manners which i think didn't represent any of us. but either way i got chat restricted the game after and i was afraid of loosing my honor level, So i contacted Riot Support to ask about how the honor system works wheter i'd lose my honor level. And i got an reply, Who you can guess... HARVESTEROFSOULS! Well firstly, YEP i lost my honor level right after the new season :'(( Anyways this dude legit gave me the best response i've ever gotten in my whole lifespan of 15 years 364 days, 19 hours and 26 minutes (yes it's my birthday tomorrow :>) Before this i had little hope in riot but after that i've gotten so much more respect for riot and especially HARVESTEROFSOULS. Hopefully this dude treats others the same he treated me cause his engagement and passion was too much for me. which has led to me writing this letter in hope of him seeing this. Please Riot whoever HARVESTEROFSOULS is. Please promote him to leader of Riot Headquarters. xd On a extra personal note i'd like to thank you, HARVESTEROFSOULS sooo sooo much. And i agree. I should just mute and report someone after they tell someone to ha.. well do stuff to themselves. as i had early experience with that kind of thing (stays between you and me ;) ) i got very personal. And that's my fault. I blame the leauge community for being salty and toxic when really im also a part of the small toxic salty community. I think this chat restriction really made me realize that. And i think everyone who thinks the leauge community is salty should look at themselves and ask _Am i Salty?_ If you're not then fine, blame but i feel like if you're the slightest reason commuting to the toxic playerbase then don't complain til you're not toxic. Well once again thanks alot man. You don't even know how much your positive answer made me reflect on my actions and take actions against that to become a better player. Your positive answers really change people (atleast me) For my birthday i wish you the best day. You have my non-religious blessings. Thanks HARVESTEROFSOULS we need more people like you in this World. {{sticker:sg-lux}} -- don't ask why xd.
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