Ranked Bad Luck or Hidden Pasive

Hello guys, recently I started playing rankeds coz I wanted at least gold. Here begins the problem, I m trapped between s2 and s1, because everytime I play duo with my mate, we get players which call for yasuo, lee, gp, and so one which they played like 1 or 2 games. This "WOULD" be somehow ok, because we offten can carry crappy players, but then comes the real problem: I think, that someone in RITO sits there all day, watching my games with a BIG RED BUTTON and time to time (always) decides to press that and there the game goes crazy, meaning: one unskilled player who is feeding to nirvana, one afk or leaver, which decides to show up in the middle of game and one hater, which will flame everybody and ends up feeding aswell. Maybe this thought is a conspiracy, but I cant think of anything else, coz I dont think I play that bad (I m not the best player, so isnt my mate, but I dont think we deserve all this) so I get such bad players. I just dont get it.... Any thoughts fellow players? Have you expirienced the same?
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