The new rune system ruin league of legends solo q/duo

Legaue is a great big popular game and it is fun to play, but for me it's geting boring because of the new rune system i dont enjoy it as much as i used too do. I have alot of problems with the new rune system especially in ranked, in ranked u have too know how too play with your team if u want too win and have good strategi with your team. But i however likes too play it solo but at the same time play with my team when i know i must too win, But theres a problem right now with league and thats the new runes system. Afther it came out u cant solo carry anymore u cant get so fed that u can littrly almost 1 v 5 and that happened afther the new rune system came out. I used too do it before get in last season or the season's before that but i cant do it anymore i dont know why but the new runes have some way or another made it almost impossible too solo carry. Maybe riot gets alot of love for the new rune system online but i however have almost only gotten hate from my friends about the new rune system. 80% of my friends that i have asked hate's the new rune system they despise it they would do anything too get it back, and half of my friends that i know IRL have quit league of legends because the new system ruin the game. i had a friend of mine once that was in plat 3 i think highest once last season he was rlly good at the game he was like my rollemodel i took everything too me that he said and tried too improve from gold 5 too plat but im a slow learner so it took some time but i have been getting better at reading the game as i did before, and he got better too but this season chnaged everything and the new rune system %%%%ed everything up for him and ranked and the new items that came out also %%%%t him over so he started hating the game and in the end quit it because he thoght it had become one of the worst games ever right now, this season before he quit he only got too gold 4 and didnt get higher and i am stuck in gold 5 afther the new changes too because both me and him are solo players not team players. and also i hate one thing with the community i personaly like playing yasuo but i dont play him much, but i almost never get too play him because he has the second most highest ban rate even tho his win rate is negative. why ban him when hes weak? and he isnt that hard too play aginst i love playing aginst him because hes easy too outplay and predict. and if you ban him just so noeone on the team can play him because you dont like having them on your team then thats considered trolling and thats bannable. So riot should fix the game before they lose more players then they allready have. And if the game doesnt change i might too quit the game because why play a game you dont enjoy? what do you earn from doing that? What do you guyse think? if you agree say you agree. if you dont then tell me why?

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