Talking forbidden

This game sometimes turns into pre-school game, this game espically gmes turns into baby sitter. I obviously fighting no one and my collocuter to, we are arguing one position, but riot "you are fighting, this flame" if you uncomfortable so much to talking people then why you put a chat ? Riot is just a dictator who never want people criticise them or never arguing anyone. Riot is just want love everyone. Is this a love game ? Then why dont you find me someone. Riot disregard "all" human emotions, no one can critise anyone or argue anything. I think this game going to be sexting place as soon as and everybody love each other. I hope they dont love you "so much" riot because they could be little bit false love to you. Maybe for all whole dota world saying "league of legends ?! ugh this is childish game ever" with this league of legens always loose to dota 2.
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