You know every ability that goes out of view range.

how about making it so the screen zooms out just for that spell? Yes I properly should of learnt the game with unlock screen but to be honest im like 600 games in that isnt happening anymore and if the system was kind of designed to play unlocked camera then why is locked camera a choice? the champs I mainly talking about are stuff with a charge/travel time + the large range (the isnt many). {{champion:154}} e is one of them. if you play unlocked camera naturly its easy to land if you dont then its pretty fucking hard. {{champion:14}} ult because frankly going just off the minimap idea is kind of impossible and once someone is on your screen its a bit late to try ajust the path. {{champion:101}} q, you do it with his ult just do it with his q as well. those are the only 3 champions i can think of atm and it just seems weird.
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