Sometimes it's abit frustrating/funny to play normals as diamond

I pretty much stopped playing rankeds after i reached diamond 5 last month. Now i play normals and try new champions and play with my friends with odd tactics etc.. Then i get comments like these (all of these happened today , not the exact words but anyways) : If Enemy team is losing they go: "Hah did you see that mistake you just did there, how much did you pay for the account?" If Enemy team is winning they go: "How can you lose to our team that is made of silvers/golds, boosted much?" If i'm winning lane they go: "Haha you noob just playing OP point and click champion" If Enemy's winning lane they go: "How the hell are you losing to me with that champ, it counters me and i'm only platinum" Trying out new champion: Our support says it's cool to try out new things in normal mode, but after 5 minutes he starts raging so much that i have to mute him. Jungler is telling me to ignore him and continue do my best. 10 minutes later he starts flaming 10x more than the support did. ------- All the games I played today were fun in the end, no hard feelings and no reports were made. It just amused me, that some people seem to think that a player who is diamond is either: A) Boosted / Bought account B) Jack of All Trades, Master of Everything, masters every champion in every role in every game

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