An old player's wish

Greetings May 2014, it was the first time when i opened my account "Ready4victory" League was such a great experience and i really enjoyed playing it a lot i was playing all the time and i don't stop talking with my friends about it every single day i just loved this game so much .. At season 5, i was a graves main ( old graves) before you guys changed everything, i was really chocked back then.. I know how much you want to make the game fresh in order to make the make the old players stay and play it forever, this is what i thought i'll do before i got pissed off and i remember leaving the game for a couple of months... The reworks are cool but i want to say something .. do riot think of players that are using that champion before reworking him ? there are one trick players, and by reworking certain champions you're just destroying their desire to play league of legends Now you might be saying : we only rework champions that are not played that much but a minority with a minority becomes majority, that's why old players are leaving league even faker said that he's not enjoying the game anymore (in a live stream) even some streamers or lcs players only play for money, that they are not actually enjoying the game, league became a game that you can't enjoy while trying to climb because we just force ourselves to play champions that we don't like just because they are currently op and we must play them or we'll not go any further I know that you're actually trying to solve this, but why is this problem even existing , why is some champions being played more than others , and why are some champions being not played at all As we all know , the game is competitive, so as a player, i will never pick a champion that is actually weak, i will only play champions that are completely broken or are strong picks to be able to rank up and go to high elo, you can't blame a player for wanting to win, that's why some champions are being not played at all for example : skarner , skarner was out of the meta for so long, but when the new runes made him better, his win rate became better so his play rate became better and everyone became a skarner main You actually think that reworking some champions will may make them successful, but let's take galio for example, once galio was reworked everyone was playing galio, and he was present in almost every game but what now ? after few months ? galio's play rate is decreasing again, so did riot games solve the problem ? no. Champions are being unplayable because the game isn't actually balanced, now i'm not gonna rage and say riot fix the game, because i know how difficult this is, but the wrong thing is : that we're trying to balance the game for almost 9 years and we didn't yet, because we're trying the wrong way You know champions win rate are different in each tier, so like late game champions have the highest win rate in bronze, they are not even existing in challenger, so how to solve this ? how to make players play every champion in every elo ? and how to balance the game in every elo? In every tier there are different skill levels so champions should be too what i mean is, we should balance the game( including champions , runes , and items) in every tier separately, so we nerf jax in bronze , and we buff him in diamond this way jax will be played in the whole ladder, and will have more play rate, and people don't have to change their main whenever they rank up Another reason why old players are quitting is that they love league's old characters and they main them.. and i can talk all the day about how painful it is when riot reworks your main champion... that champion that you always loved and played all the day, just gets replaced with a champion that you don't like at all I mean why does riot "delete" things why don't we just keep the old Aatrox and just make a new champion, now you might be saying " the new version is better and we don't need the old one and the game must always have news etc.. " I love Aatrox, like i love many of the old reworked champions So how to satisfy everyone? how to change a champion without actually touching the old version ? The solution is a window in the store and in the champion select called " champion forms " ( idk just find a good name to this ) so this window actually makes you choose which version of ryze you want to play, and which leblanc do you prefer and this will open a HELL lot of new abilities and new content to each and every champion and will actually bring a lot of new things. However, this will also benefit the shop, as skins change from a form to another, ( like skins change when you rework a champion) And will also make league more popular, as it will bring old players back, and more players.. Imagine 5 champions in the popularity of yasuo or zed And seriously if this is not going to make the game fresh forever, then i don't know what will So this was my email to riot, while answering the support said that he can't contact the development team directly, so he recommended posting here, please share at social media as well because i want this to happen so bad and i want everyone in riot games to read it

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