Is redmercy being boosted?

Redmercy - Summoner Stats - League of Legends
Redmercy / Diamond 1 0LP / 379W 355L Win Ratio 52% / Zed - 113W 75L Win Ratio 60%, Twitch - 30W 34L Win Ratio 47%, Yasuo - 24W 20L Win Ratio 55%, Kassadin - 21W 23L Win Ratio 48%, Twisted Fate - 24W 18L Win Ratio 57%
In Redmercys recent games he has coincidentally Q'd into the same game as another player called Delen. In the past 20 games he has managed to get Delen in 13/20 of these games (Maybe more but I can only see 20 of the most recent games) but it also seems that Delen has been doing exceptionally well throughout pretty much all of these matches. Normally nobody would care except Delen is advertising his "service" on a fairly large boosting site, "I can boost in most elo and win really consistently." I cannot post the link to the website or my post will be removed by the mods as it is seen as advertising the boosting page, I can send the link via DM if anyone is interested though. Is it just a coincidence that this guy has the same name as a booster? Link to the bio - **I know Delen does not exactly do amazing in ALL of the games but he is definitely a decisive factor in the winning ones. Look at his ( he has a 71% winrate.This could be due to the higher elo he is "boosting" in? **
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