Overhaul for the /remake system and other Suggestions

Hey ya'll, So after a game yesterday which we lost because of someone leaving the game after a few minutes because of bad ping. Now playing with a bad ping is always a %%%% thing to do since it not only screws you over but also the rest of your team. Anyway since he left we tried to /remake but saw that we couldn't do it anymore since he already connected for a few minutes before leaving. Now you might say "we could have won this too if we played it out" or something along the lines. But when enemy knew we had no jungle they went full out tryhard mode. 4-5 ganked bot etc etc. So at 18 minutes they were already at our Inhibs. By that time we forfeited the game. Now even tho I don't mind losing this made me mad since I am currently loosing more LP then I gain and every LP I lose because of stupid reasons like that is yea... Now to the point what can be done to help those situations? I have a couple of Ideas that may or may not work. 1.) Overhauling /remake: Meaning give us more time to /remake a game when someone leaves during the early game. Maybe when a player leaves in the first 5 minutes you still have time to /remake or something like that. 2.) Some kind of Ping-Check System: Another Idea is to implement a System that "checks" your connection before you queue up and if your ping is higher then a certain number maybe around 140 ms? 150 ms? it disables you from queue'ing up into a ranked game. I know this might be a bit harder to implement also I do understand that connections can sometimes be wonky I've experienced that as well. I do also understand that not everyone can afford a connection that gives you a ping of 10 ms or something but having a constant 60-100 ms is easy achieved even with a potato connection. 3.) LP Loss Prevented: So this is more of a addon to the existing Loss Prevention system but this time if you're in a game with someone who left the game early or during the game and never reconnects back. You lose no LP but the winning Team still gets the LP they've won. Now I do not have an Idea of how much times has to pass after the disconnect before that system kicks in or not. Now this is just my two cents and my suggestions. Maybe some of you have some other Ideas or can add on to mine. Anyway thank you all for your attention regards, PS: If this is on the wrong board I am sorry :)
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