What is happening in Riot HQ

A: People ask where is Ao Shin. They want him now. B: But we didnt even started him. He is still just an imagination. A: what should we do? B: MAKE TONS OF UPDATES! It will keep them fed for a while! A: What about? B: Let me think... Bilgewater! Make a new GP, and new MF and a new story¨! A: Ok! ****** A: People are satisfied B: Good A: but there is just one thing. B: what? A: people dont know how to play GP now and complain about him. What should we do? B: Kill him! Then we will wait to see what happens next! A: OK! ************ A: Sir, people are mad cuz we killed GP! How can we bring him back?? B: I dont know!!! Wait let me think! I have no idea. I will tell u when i think of something. A: Ok, but be fast! People are maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad and confused. **** Couple of days later... ***** B: GP is not dead! He just... Lost his arm! Im a genius! A: And give the players a new skin! B: They are not players.. they are moneygivers! but that is a good idea! A: ok... ****** Teh players:omg rito plx fixx gp iss dead how can i play heem? A: Our plan didnt succeed... B: NEW PATCH! ***** Future( around 30 days later) teh players: Where is Ao shin? A: here we go again... B: 100000 SKINS! NEW PATCH!
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