Yasuo mains this has to STOP

Captured with Lightshot
From my early League days till this day now I never knew how to play vs good Yasuo player, nor I ever will... he beats me in lane, he roams better than me cuz Im allways pushed under turret ( no mana no fun ) and he outdashes me in every single teamfight... but that is not my biggest problem with Yasuo. My frustration comes from playing with this champion when he is my temate in solo Q ! HOOOLY SHIT please stop ! Get me the F out. First of all he dies A LOT !! Gets solokilled in lane 3 + time before laning phase is over, gets ganked cuz he is allways summonerless, dies again, his lane roams everywhere ! Champion has no pressence on the map and than continues to split push until he is strong enough to dash trough 5 people and he is ready to die again and again and again. You cant group with him or force him to group with the team, he allways runs away from everyone and makes youtube highlihts plays from which my eyes hurt even now. He is imune to any type of advices, polite or unpolite, any kind of requests or prayers to stop feeding his ass off, he is THE KING of the rift and there is noone thats going to stop him, exept enemy fed midlaner and jungler. And while you might think that Im salty and that Im generalising - you are right ! On the other hand, Im sorry If I offended any truly skilled Yasuo main which I truly admire ... hope you can show me why this champion is loved by so many players yet played so porly by majority. Respect Disclamer: noone flamed Yasuo from my last match that died more than 11 times, it was so funny that we told him he is gonna get all the honors if he get his score to positive... he failed. :)
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