April Fools Event: Overall thoughts and experience.

Goood ~~afternoon~~ night (let´s face it, by the time I post this, it´s going to be night) I thought I´d show up to make a thread again, because it´s been a while since I last made a post (mostly due to lack of finding a relevant topic to talk about). However, with April Fools ending _soon™_, I decided to make a thread about the whole event. As far as April Fools events go (including previous ones), it´s honestly quite refreshing. And it´s because of a few elements that weren´t in previous events. This year April fools wasn´t over the top. Riot wasn´t forcing a new joke to literally end U.R.F... #.#DraaaaaaaaaaaavenDay ...(boy was that a failure); nor was it inexistent like in 2017. _"Was there even an April Fools event in 2017? Iol"_. Sure U.R.F was getting repetitive and predictable, but if the Harrowing, Snowdown, Lunar Revel, and Pool Party can be repetitive, why can´t April Fools?... Anyway, Im getting away from the topic and that is that April Fools 2018 is, what I consider, successful. Riot wasn´t forcing a joke, _"DID YOU GET IT, IT´S DRAVEN!!!! GET IT?! DRAAAVEN, HE...he, you know, he... yeah the community isn´t gonna enjoy this. And the LCS already prerecorded a lame attempt of the previous URFvitational..."_. Okay, okay, i´ll stop. While on the topic though, the _NA LCS CIVIL WAR_ prerecorded show was kinda fun. I do like it when nations make fun of their own stereotypes and embrace it. Also, seeing LCS NA Pigeon return and making Huni canadian made the whole show for me worth the watch. ___ ######[Back to the main topic] The event was so simple yet filled with content, that it didn´t feel like a lame excuse for Riot to put more skins in the store. Speaking off, if you were to sum up all the April Fools RP content that Riot released for this event (all chromas, skins, birdie capsule, icons, ward, bundles, etc) you would need a total of 27,1 thousand+ Riot Points (#MakeItRain). Now, it wasn´t all a merch convention, no, Riot included missions, which, **while very much appreciated**, felt underwhelming. Yes I know the missions were a complete joke (which was the whole point obviously), and we all got a free Hextech Chest, but considering previous events like PROJECT, Snowdown, and most recently, Lunar Revel... The missions were just lazy. But I have high hopes that Riot will make future April Fools missions a bit more entertaining. Riot, I have seen you do better, you can do better. Speaking of better, the skins were just pure gold. Prices were reasonable as well, with the excception of Pizza Delivery Sivir. The only reason Pizza Delivery Sivir is 1350Rp is because the skin comes with three chroma toppins (3 little stickers). This skin is 975Rp and Riot knows it. As far as particles and all that, all other Sivir skins are different too and some are lower than 975Rp. If I´m going to rant about something it´s this. It´s your game, your rules, but making a 975Rp skin into a semi legendary skin because you get free pizza toppin chromas. is a poor reason. If Birdio is 975Rp and has the same exact quality as Pizza Delivery Sivir, that means Sivir is not a 1350Rp skin (and dont mention the Q and W and E changes, cause those also change in Birdio while being 975Rp). But I can´t complain too much because Pizza Delivery Sivir was a lost concept that made its way back, so if anything, I do appreciate it. Now all we need is exterminator Twitch and we are good to go. As for game modes. Look. The fact that Ascension is finally gone is a praise in and of itself. I am happy, that the Rotating game queue is no longer Ascension, Poro, Ascension, poro, Ascension, Ascension, Ascension, Ascension, Ascension. I miss _One For All_ so much that I started using the Ziggs event icon from back in the day. And you people have done an amazing job bringing it back. And I am also glad that you realized that there are more game modes out there than just Ascension and Poro, and Ascension, with Ascension mixed with a little bit of Ascension. I know the rotation was based on popularity, but I think you should retry putting other game modes at least to see how the tides have shifted (Please bring back Definitely Not Dominion!!!! It only showed up ONCE q-q). ____ Besides my personal stupid rants, I enjoyed April Fools, it was fun and simple. No need to force a joke or kill a joke Riot Games: #DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVENDAAAAAAAAAAY. Riot Games: I swear it funny guys! come on, it´s DRAVEN hacking the game and the website, WHO DOESN´T LIKE DRAVEN!?!? Come on IT´S FUNNY GUYS!!! ######Okay, I think I expressed the community´s hate over Draven day enough. ___ Well, I have nothing else to add, so I guess I will just end it here. #GG RIOT For real Riot, good job. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} See you around.
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