Im Boored, So Let's Talk About Our Mains || Join My Booring Discussion

Well, I'm trying to create some kind of debate... Some discussion so i dont get even more boored... So, if everyone else who is boored tries to help, this will get big and everyone will be able to spend some time reading stuff, and hopefully get some entertainment... So the questions are: What are your 3 favourite champions in League... What makes you like them... And do you HONESTLY think they are op or not?? And why?? Starting with me... My favourite champion in League is a monkey... Has 0% F***ing brain requirement... And loves "1000º Knife Challenges" (Well, this is what comunity thinks about him) You already got it... It's {{champion:157}} Why do i like him so much?? Im just a faking weaboo... If he is op?? I think "Op" is a bit too much... Yasuo seems unfair... He can shit on everyone if the person behind him is good... And if you lose lane, and end up giving 2 or 3 kills, that will still not matter... As long as you dont fall way toooooooo much, you can run around the map and still 2v1ing people (My personal experience)... For example, today, i was playing Yasuo vs Aatrox (I hate facing aatrox as Yasuo) and as i expected i lost my lane, went out 1-6... So as im confident on my Yasuo skills, i started to roam and left my team to defend top... Won the game, still went positive and still carried my team 21-13-9... Enough of Yasuo.... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ My second champion.... Lebron James... Yeah, thats right {{champion:122}} Is he op??? No. Is he unfair?? No. Does he require brain?? Actually yes (in my oppinion, more then Yasuo) Does he require lots of skill?? Not really too... Do i like him?? A lot... No, im not uberdanger fanboy........hihi....... What makes me like so much of darius?? "SKINS COUNT BABY" Darius is fun af to play, and pretty much wins every single melee match up, apart from fiora ;_; Not really much to say about Darius... I just love dunking around... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, think its time for my last one... Honestly, i love {{champion:202}} and {{champion:55}} the same ammout... Buf if i had to choose one of them.... humm, probably would go for {{champion:17}} :3 Just satisfies me goofing around, planting shrooms and camping in one part of the jungle waiting for their adc to walk by and get 1shoted by the super-hyper-mega-fancy-skillfull-moreadjectives as the korean lords would call: "Q-Auto"... That shroom explosion (on Little devil teemo) :3 hmmmmm yeaaaaaah.... Well, enough of teemo, or you will make me go to hell....... Is he op?? No, if you see one in your games just camp him before 6... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, dont hate me... Im pretty inoffensive and friendly :( Anyway, hope you guys can join me, and kill my boredom... So, what are your 3 favourite champions??? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Just passing by and asking for forgiveness if my english is pretty shitty, im not fluent or anything close to that :(
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