Stuff I've learned so far...

My mother seems to have slept with half the region. The most common polish names seem to be Cyka and Kurwa. There is no bronze, just diamond players that are simply out of luck. Riot employees seem to have at least 50 children each. Wards are for noobs and trinket upgrades are for tutorial scrubs. Graves must have opened a cigar factory and started shipping free packs for families, because all of them seem to have cancer. Pick order seems to be valued more than life. If you don't build according to mobafire or lolking, you simply do not deserve the time of the other four people on your team. I'm not allowed to deviate from the pro-level meta and picks or I am simply an unworthy filthy maggot. Everyone apparently knows where I live and I've got like 30 pending death threats, dunno if I should call the cops or not. Oh, and the Riot logo manufacturer f*cked up big time, should've written RITO apparently.
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