First fix the game, then hype the worlds.

Hey summoners, Would be nice, if we had a chance to play a constant game, without so many bugs. I mean, this is not just a regular game. It is the world's most played game. Played by millions of people worldwide. Every week, there are some issues with this game. Repeatedly playing with afkers (and let's be honest, not all of them are rage quitters. Bug splats and DC's are happening to all of us!), buggy and glitchy client, game lags, constant "balancing out" the game, etc., etc. Do you even remember, when and if you played a game after patch - that wasn't somehow bugged? Each time a patch is deployed, there are some problems. You balance one thing, the next goes out of hand. So I ask you guys, do you really think we need all this nerfing/buffing/balancing? Honestly feeling new players in this game - many things in champion spotlight videos don't even apply today. Never played or saw a game played by so many people, with so many glitches. It is certainly nice to hype the worlds, new champions, or 1350 RP worth skins. But I'd rather prefer a constant gaming experience with maybe 3-4 big patches during a season. • End of rant •

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