Riot Banned me With a reason that im "offense"

I Actually played some games, that i were just talking with my teammates, saying normal things like "Gj", "Nice!", "We can win this" etc. Some of my teammates were just screaming at me, and flaming on me when i said "Play def, it will help you win the lane" and they always answer something like "Fck you". I always report them at the end of the game, but they report me too. Tribunal reacted on that, cause it happened in many games, and i think, tribunal should be changed. Someone Was Flaming at me so much... that i couldnt even understand how persons like this even live, and i reported him. He probably from my report got honored, and he reported me for being "Offensive". Riot "Of coarse, such unfair, wow" Banned me first time for 14 days, and again when i saw probably the same person, he reported me again for the same reason, and probably for "Feed" I am not breaking Summoner rules, and persons like this are still there, but justice can not be served, so people like me are getting banned, and those flaming kids (I can not say anything else) are still reporting for "feed" and "Flame", and probably they are just giving kills, so enemies honor them. And thats how Riot tribunal reacts! i've got banned, and they probably are still playing and flaming on enemies and allies. Is that really it riot? Do you think that this is fair? I actually did use like 200 zł. (Its from Poland money like 60$), and it looks like that money was a WASTE!!! My banned account is TheJabuszko, thank you for reading, bye.
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