Anyone wanna play Minecraft??[Long term]

I know they say it's a childish game, but it's not only played by little kids. Our server is strictly 16+, but there are some members who are 18+. We are making our own discord server soon. A little about the server: Unfortunately it's a hamachi server but to compensate it's a truly long-term(around 1 year at least) Hermitcraft like server. Death counter at tab next to names, people opening shops at spawn, and things like that. The map has been made yesterday. I hope we can recruit some fellow players soon, and we can expand our community :) If you are interested and you'd like to play with some like minded mature individuals, and you won't get bored and leave after 2 days you are welcome on the server. We have an application form, but today you don't need to fill it out, just leave your discord name and a few things about yourself in the comments, such as your age.
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