Why do I feel so satisfied whenever an Akali player loses lane and loses game?

I hate the champion with every fiber in my being. My friends know it, my girlfriend knows it and my mom and dad know it. So, can somebody please explain me why I feel so warm and fuzzy when Akali (If I don't ban her) gets completely shredded, by me or someone else on my team? Can you despise something so much you start being happy when it fails, crumbles? I win lane vs any other chamion, I just brush it off and say GG. If I win against an Akali, I have my proud fap, big smile and a whole bag of candy to celebrate. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} I never hated something so bad in my life... Although, her "Fan-art" I can still appreciate, but in-game? That is a no no Do you guys despise a champion so much that whenever you lane against him/her and win, you start hysterically laughing so your neighbours start to wonder if you're still mentally stable? No? Guess it's just me then... :D
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