My prediction for the upcoming a Blood Moon event

1. I apologize for my bad English. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} 2. Let´s get to the main thing, when the recent blood moon skins came out, I wanted to got the blood moon Pyke{{champion:555}} pack with a border because there are normally skins with borders in these kinds of pack but i got really dissapointed when i didn´t have the blood moon Pyke{{champion:555}} border. I noticed that the Blood Moon skins don´t have a border > _(except: Prestige Aatrox{{champion:266}} but that´s a prestige skin so that does not count)_, and like i said there are normally borders in the packs. Which got me into thinking that there will be a Event where we will be able to buy the borders with some kind of special points, similar to the MSI event, Snowdown event, etc.. , also riot talked about making new and better game modes.
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