Autofill support again..

I'm dia4 and It's the third time i'm losing because i'm getting autofill ''support'' why can't they make it Optional? like why not? for those who want autofill and for those who don't.. and i can actually wait 10 minutes! just to get my main role.. IDC..this is getting really annoying! after i won 3 games in a row with evelynn i got autofill ''SUPPORT''? and i lost! i tried my best! warding! shielding! supporting my team! i actually didn't feed early! as usual! my team does! not gonna blame them now! but i can't just start to climbing and everything goes fine and then i get autofill support and lose?! what on earth is this? i always try my best when i get autofill support ! but this is getting really annoying! after the climbing and ** the try hard games! and then i lose? MAKE IT OPTIONAL! i can seriously wait more than 10minutes! but just to get my main role.. i know this may sounds stupid! and no one even would think about or care.. but this has to stop..
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